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There are many reasons to choose a Catholic Cemetery in the Diocese of Buffalo.

Our diocesan and parish cemeteries are holy ground, as they have been consecrated by the bishop or pastor. Beyond the grounds and facilities, the people who work at our Catholic cemeteries consider their work a ministry in their faith as Christians. Their caring and compassionate approach to their work, and to helping families cope during difficult times, is a testament to their dedication as followers of Jesus.

ur Catholic Cemeteries also offer special arrangements for those in financial need, or who would like counseling from a Christian perspective. Masses are offered on a regular basis to help celebrate the lives of family members.

Finally, Catholic Cemeteries provide family and friends with a calm and soothing place for remembrance and for prayerful reflection in surroundings that remind us of Christ’s promise of eternal life.

Death is an experience that touches us all. We Catholics demonstrate our faith and hope in the Resurrection by the celebration of the Funeral Mass for the repose of the soul of the deceased. A fitting testimony to our belief in the Resurrection is our Catholic tradition of burying the deceased in consecrated grounds or mausolea.

Catholic Cemeteries serves as an extension of our parish community, giving witness to the fact that our faith is perpetual and unbroken by death. Here in Western New York, we are fortunate to have Catholic Cemeteries staffed by individuals dedicated to assisting our people in time of need. .