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Lawn Crypts

Lawn crypts offer the same traditional ground burial with the exception that each grave includes a concrete outer container that has been pre-set in the ground.

Lawn crypts have been designed and engineered to offer suitable protection of the burial space. A memorial and vase are also provided.

Lawn crypts are currently available at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Kenmore; Holy Cross Cemetery, Lackawanna and Queen of Heaven Cemetery, Lockport.

Depending on the type of memorial and outer container selected, lawn crypts can be very economical when compared to traditional ground burial.

The purchase price of the lawn crypt includes the grave, concrete outer container, memorial with vase and permanent maintenance.

Chris the King The Christ the King Lawn Crypt Garden at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Kenmore.
Father Baker Crypt Father Baker Lawn Crypt Garden at Holy Cross Cemetery, Lackawanna
Crypt Artist rendering depicting the lawn crypt concept