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Traditional Ground

Traditional ground burial continues to be a popular form of burial. Families can choose from one of two types of graves that are available. The graves are distinguished by the type of memorial that may be placed on them.

A lawn-level grave is one where the memorial is set on a stone base flush with the ground.

A monument privilege grave is one where the memorial is set on a foundation and extends above the ground.

The particular section of a cemetery chosen will determine the size and style of the memorial.

In all cases, the graves must be paid in full before a memorial may be placed. The grave purchase price includes permanent maintenance of the grave.

Cluster Stones The Garden of Coronation at Holy Cross Cemetery, Lackawanna is another example of a cluster section that has proven to be quite popular with families.
Shrines The Grotto at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Kenmore is a fine example of the many shrine sections that adorn the grounds.