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The Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Buffalo have designed a Pre-Planning Guide to make this difficult and detailed process easier for you and your family.

When a family member dies, the loss is felt on many levels – all at once. While the loss cannot be minimized, pre-planning can lessen the burden and emotional stress felt by the surviving family members.

You have probably spent much time planning some of life’s most important moments. Hours have been spent planning your wedding, the birth of a child, family vacation, college education, and retirement. Planning and pre-planning gives you the peace of mind and the ability to make decisions without stress so you can carefully consider all options and select the best.

Pre-planning your final burial arrangements is just as important.

By making these decisions today rather than at the time of death, you ease the burden on your loved ones during an emotional and stressful time. It is truly an act of love and consideration for your family when you pre-plan your final burial arrangements.

There are also practical reasons to pre-plan. By planning today, your family will not only avoid over-spending during an emotional time, but also price increases caused by inflation and other real-world factors.

Burial arrangements involve major financial and personal decisions. There are two ways to handle the responsibility.

Alone, at time of need. Cemetery records reveal that over 70% of all family burial arrangements are made by women survivors at time of death.

Together, well in advance of need. This is when decisions can be made calmly and without the pressure of immediate loss.

To act now, the decision and responsibility are yours. Wouldn’t you want to spare your family the economic and emotional chaos that results when no pre-planning is done?

Postponing burial arrangements until time of need means:

      1. You and your spouse will not be able to make these choices together.

      2. In most cases your spouse or other family member will face the burden and expense alone.

      3. Business judgment will be tested at a time of severe stress.

      4. There is a likelihood of emotional overspending.

Pre-planning burial arrangements results in:

      1. Wise decisions, made together.

      2. Your spouse or other family member is spared  acting alone at time of loss.

      3. No emotional overspending.

      4. Savings at today’s prices.

      5. Insurance conserved for family.

      6. You’ll never have to ask: “What would he or she have wanted?”

      7. Fulfillment of your obligation to your family.

      8. Peace of mind.

Wouldn’t you agree that this is clearly the right way to meet your burial arrangement obligations?